Integrated Logistics for Hazardous Goods on Street and Rail

Quality, security, reliability, and punctuality are the foundation at Thommen-Furler AG for an optimal and customer-oriented service.

Thommen-Furler AG is able to cover the needs of its customers for the chemical distribution and collection of hazardous waste with care and promptness. Thommen-Furler has its own transport fleet comprising more than 50 commercial vehicles, 30 tank wagons and 2 shunting locomotives that are in daily use. Every location in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein is served at least once a week.

Safety and ecology
Modern general cargo and tanker that belong to the strictest emission category are available. Every year, Thommen-Furler AG invests heavily in keeping its fleet up-to-date with technology, safety and ecology.

All general cargo vehicles are equipped with a Thommen-Furler-specific collection system consisting of a collecting trough and collecting tank. This ensures that leaking fluids can be safely collected during the transport in the event of damage to a container, and then disposed of properly.

Thommen-Furler AG employs over 50 experienced and well-trained lorry drivers. Friendly appearance, cleanliness, multilingualism and a competent handling of hazardous goods are a common practice for them. The drivers regularly participate in compulsory training such as the “Compulsory Driver Training” in accordance with the CZV (Chauffeur Registration Regulation). Thommen-Furler AG tailors those to its specific needs and carries SDR-ADR courses and the internal quality management system (IMS) out at its headquarters in Rüti.

Thommen-Furler AG not only attaches great importance to the best training of its own lorry drivers, but also requires the same standards from drivers of carefully selected transport companies who supply customers on behalf of Thommen-Furler AG. These drivers are integrated into the training executed by Thommen-Furler AG.

General cargo: Optimal capacity utilisation thanks to CATRIN 
For several years, the planning and scheduling of the delivery and pick-up service for general cargo has been supported by a specially developed EDP system called CATRIN. This considers distances, product and vehicle types, as well as special requests of the clientele. Unique to CATRIN system is the combination of deliveries and pick-ups within the same tour. Rarely are there empty runs and thus, an above-average utilization of the vehicles is achieved. Every year more than 60,000 deliveries and pick-ups are planned in the best possible way, covering around 3 million km on the road.

Tanker logistics: Optimal planning thanks to Xtrans and OptiTank® 
Thanks to the tank truck scheduling software Xtrans and the tank storage management system OptiTank® (remote tank monitoring via telemetry), the customers of Thommen-Furler AG have the guarantee for safe, prompt and carefree procurement. Depending on the tank capacity, combined transports are possible that will account for savings and increased efficiency. The OptiTank® system is used both for the supply of new chemicals and for the retraction of hazardous waste.

Logistics strategy
The strategy of Thommen-Furler AG is to supply its customers exclusively with own vehicles and drivers in a competent, efficient, flexible, high-quality and friendly manner. This applies to bulk and general cargo deliveries. The vehicle fleet is dimensioned for an average order volume. In case of exceeding this capacity, only carefully selected logistics partners who know and strictly adhere to the internal processes and quality specifications of Thommen-Furler will be commissioned.

Customers can fully rely on the services of Thommen-Furler AG - Thommen-Furler AG stands for carefree but not careless handling of chemicals and special waste.


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