Chemical Analytics / Test Value Acceptance Methods

Chemical Analytics / Test Value Acceptance Methods

Thommen-Furler AG's goal is to support customers in the task of increasing productivity while reducing costs. An important consideration is the optimization of the supply chain. For this purpose, Thommen-Furler AG has developed a series of concepts and approaches that are based on optimizations using the test value acceptance methods.

The way to cost reduction by means of the test value acceptance method

  • Learning about experiences and capacities of Thommen-Furler AG
  • Identify products and processes
  • Comparison of supply sources and specifications
  • Qualification and release of products
  • Method exchange - agreement on the monograph to be used
  • Quality audit at Thommen-Furler AG → Supplier qualification
  • Quality agreement
  • Monitoring phase

What results can you expect as a customer and partner of Thommen-Furler AG by using the test value acceptance method with regard to the expense situation?

  • Significant reduction of analysis costs
  • Reduction of labour costs, equipment maintenance, consumables and reagents
  • Reduction of material costs and capital commitment
  • Just-in-time delivery, no need for extensive warehouse space, reduction of storage and relocation costs
  • Reduction of transport costs
  • Reduction of waiting times

Results gained from practical experience:

  • Thommen-Furler AG provides the service for analyses - the customer can rely on the test values ​​held in writing and confines himself to do the identity check at goods receipt
  • Thommen-Furler AG is part of the customer supply chain and takes over parts of the quality control
  • Sustainable cost reduction through partnership-based cooperation between the customer and Thommen-Furler AG


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