A15-A Alkohol abs. 5ppm Bitrex

Art. No. 2:

Description 2:
A15-A Alkohol abs. 5ppm Bitrex


Article Description 1 A15-A Alkohol abs. 5ppm Bitrex
Article Description 2 Bahnkesselwagen 2 Achs (15 To)
Description d'unité KG
Profit Center Chemicals
Product Group Ethanols
SC Industrial chemicals
Chemical commodities
CAS No. 64-17-5
EG No. 200-578-6
Dripping Point -117
Flashing Point 12.5
Boiling Range 76
Density 0.789
VOC Content (%) 99.90
UN No. 1170
Packaging Category II
Kemler No. 33
Index No. 603-002-00-5
Customs tariff 2207.2
ADR Class 3
ADR Label 1 3

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