Service Station Basic

Basic service station 4'000 l, 5'000 l & 10'000 l for AdBlue.

The Basic service station has the following features:

  • Galvanised steel container with heat insulation (40 mm)
  • White coloured (other colours on request)
  • Forced ventilation of the container in the roof area
  • Container heating with ventilator and thermostat
  • Inside tank made of HDPE
  • Bulkhead to the tank room
  • Overfill protection and leak warning device
  • Level controller (GSM module (SMS))
  • 3 installation positions for the filling station
  • Stainless steel door to cover the automatic nozzle
  • Pump for AdBlue AUS32, approximately 30 l / min., max. 5 bar
  • 4 m discharge hose with automatic hose retraction
  • Nozzle panel for receiving the nozzle with integrated contact switch
  • 2" dry clutch for filling by tanker
  • Electric supply 230V 50Hz, 16A
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to + 50°C


  • Tank 4'000 l: Dimensions 3550 x 1200 x 2320 mm, Art.-Nr. 537318
  • Tank 5'000 l: Dimensions 5030 x 1200 x 2350 mm, Art.-Nr. 537'326
  • Tank 10'000 l: Dimensions 6420 x 1530 x 2470 mm, Art.-Nr. 525'755

The Basic service station is equipped with a non-calibratable liter counter and is only approved for personal use (no sale to third parties).


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