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Since 1990, Thommen-Furler AG has focused on the distribution of chemicals, specialties and lubricants, environmental technology, and the disposal and recycling of industrial and hazardous waste, all based on the ChemCare® concept. The growing specialisation of Thommen-Furler AG is reflected in the ongoing expansion of the range of industrial chemicals through a rapidly growing range of chemical specialties and lubricants.

Thanks to integrated transport logistics, Thommen-Furler AG provides comprehensive supply and disposal services to around 14’000 customers throughout Switzerland from the industrial and automotive sectors.

Thommen-Furler AG is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000. We regularly undergoe the assessment of the European Chemical Associations SQAS ESAD II and participate in the Responsible Care® program of scienceindustries.

Thanks to the ChemCare® business model, suppliers and business partners are involved in the processes. This enables the corporate credo the attribution of necessary sustainability in terms of customer orientation and benefits.

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    ChemCare® - For carefree handling of chemicals, lubricants, industrial and hazardous wastes

    The companies of the Thommen-Furler Group as partners for the procurement of chemicals and lubricants, for environmental technology and for the recycling of industrial and hazardous waste, offer you an integral solution from one and the same source that is not only environmentally sound but also extremely economically interesting.