Tank Farm Management

Thanks to an electronic level measurement system combined with an intelligent transmission system, the chemical and special waste tanks are monitored and managed remotely via telemetry.

With OptiTank®, Thommen-Furler AG opens new horizons for your business: Within an agreement for the supply of chemicals and the special waste collection, Thommen-Furler AG assures the daily monitoring of your tank device. You determine the minimum and maximum volumes of your tanks and commission Thommen-Furler AG with the permanent monitoring. In this way, you always have an optimal stock and avoid a sudden lack of goods, which could negatively influence your production.

OptiTank® contains the following basic components:

  • one electronic probe per tank with radar or ultrasonic technology
  • a control and evaluation device
  • a single monitoring modem for the entirety of your tanks
  • a receiving modem
  • a communication connection for daily monitoring

Thommen-Furler AG offers you the essential components and devices at extremely favourable conditions. At a surcharge, technical maintenance and installation of new tanks can be integrated.

Profit from a range of benefits by leaving the management of your chemical and hazardous waste to Thommen-Furler AG:

  • time and cost savings due to the fact that your tanks are filled and / or emptied without placing an order
  • daily update of the level
  • an increased certainty of stock levels by automated filling of the tanks
  • guaranteed and according to your needs’ availability of your chemicals
  • optimal delivery and collection planning
  • significant improvement of logistics in favour of the environment
  • cutting-edge technology at very low operational cost thanks to one communication link that is sufficient for all your tanks
  • simplification of the administration

OptiTank® - the ideal solution for tank storage of your chemicals and special waste management.


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