Operational Inspections for the Automotive Industry

Official operational inspections according to the directives of AGVS/UPSA

Various cantonal enforcement authorities have delegated extensive inspection tasks in the automotive industry (car repair, bodywork, painting, transport, agricultural- and construction machinery, building, as well as cantonal and community owned operations centres) to the Environmental Inspectorate of the AGVS (Swiss Car Trade Association).

The AGVS inspectors of Thommen-Furler AG have many years of professional experience in the environmental sector for the automotive industry.

Among other things, they cover the following areas:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Handling and storage of waste, lubricants and chemicals
  • Recycling and disposal of hazardous, controlled and industrial waste
  • Wastewater and waste analyses
  • etc.

Thommen-Furler’s specialists successfully completed their training as inspectors of the Environmental Inspectorate of the AGVS. Thus, they are authorised to carry out environmental controls in the car and transport industry.

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