The MobilServ™ oil analysis programme is designed to provide our customers in the industrial and commercial vehicle sectors with comprehensive oil analyses that record the condition of machinery and lubricant and the level of contamination in critical equipment. It is of particular importance for maintenance and to further improve productivity.


For more information on this high-performing analysis system, its options and online reporting capabilities, please visit the official MobilServ oil analysis website.


Fast and reliable delivery
Mobil™ lubricants are supplied when you need them.


As a Mobil™ lubricant dealer, Thommen-Furler AG offers a wide range of lubricants to meet your needs quickly and efficiently. For a fast and reliable delivery, Thommen-Furler AG maintains its own transport fleet of around 55 vehicles.

Consulting, sales and technical support
Thommen-Furler AG employs a team of experienced sales and technical support staff with extensive Mobil™ lubricant product knowledge and many years of customer service experience in the field.

Lubricant engineers and professionals consult you about the most efficient use of Mobil™ lubricants. Product selection, varieties, operational monitoring and oil analyses are further advantages that you have at Thommen-Furler AG. Our own laboratories and application technology guarantee maximum safety when using Mobil lubricants.

Thommen-Furler AG not only provides you with the best optimal lubricants tailored to your needs but also do they offer a range of lubricant services such as oil status monitoring, oil storage solutions, lubricant care equipment, lubricant supply equipment and training. While you can focus on other things, Thommen-Furler AG takes care of all questions around the application and safety of your lubricants.

Lubricant care and disposal
The more carefully oil care measures are applied, the smaller the expenditure. Safety and availability of the machines and plants are improved and more cost efficient. This allows you to use lubricants over their entire service life without compromising on operational safety.

However, even the best lubricant will be used up at some point. Hence, it has to be replaced by a new filling and the accumulated used oil or the used cooling lubricant must be disposed as special waste.

As the Swiss market leader in recycling and disposal of special waste, Thommen-Furler AG supports you in all these matters.

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    ChemCare® - For carefree handling of chemicals, lubricants, industrial and hazardous wastes

    The companies of the Thommen-Furler Group as partners for the procurement of chemicals and lubricants, for environmental technology and for the recycling of industrial and hazardous waste, offer you an integral solution from one and the same source that is not only environmentally sound but also extremely economically interesting.