ChemCare® business model

For carefree handling of chemicals, lubricants, industrial and hazardous waste.

Thommen-Furler, your partner for the procurement of chemicals and lubricants, for environmental technology and for the recycling of industrial and special wastes, offers you a one-stop integral solution that is not only environmentally safe, but also extremely economically interesting for your company. From a single partner you get chemicals and lubricants, recycle or eliminate your industrial and special wastes and at the same time you are advised personally by our highly qualified specialists.

The ChemCare® concept is based on experience going back now over more than 20 years and is used by the vast majority of Thommen-Furler customers. The various products and services are weighted according to the needs of the two customer segments, industry and automotive, and the underlying customer groups.

The ChemCare® concept offers you i.a. the following customised solutions:

  • Just in time delivery of the required products and collection of the resulting industrial and special wastes
  • Personal advice for your quality analysis and analysis certificates
  • Detailed and comprehensive product documentation for new products and wastes
  • Support in the handling of your orders and the management of your stocks
  • Clear and precise information on the existing and future legal framework
  • Efficient help for safe storage of hazardous goods

A ChemCare® partner agreement ultimately also offers you tangible economic benefits. Regional service centres and service centres for specialty chemicals, lubricants, recycling and waste disposal, wastewater and environmental technology and their consultants and sales engineers are always available to help you find the optimal solution for every situation.

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