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AdBlue® by BASF is produced according to ISO22241 and is a high-purity 32.5% aqueous urea solution. It is injected directly into the exhaust emission where it acts as a reducing agent.

Thereby, ammonia is set free and converts the nitrogen oxides on the catalyst into atmospheric nitrogen and water vapor. Both are natural components of the air we breathe. By this means, the proportion of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases is lowered.


Reduced fuel consumption with the same engine power
Additionally, AdBlue® by BASF in combination with the SCR technology, optimises engine particulate emissions and fuel consumption. Thus, the proportion of soot particles in the exhaust gases can be greatly reduced. Using AdBlue® by BASF reduces fuel consumption up to 5%. The power of the engine remains completely unaffected.

AdBlue® by BASF - ready for the future!
With AdBlue® by BASF, you are ensuring a future-proof concept for reducing pollutant emissions.
Benefit from the environmental friendliness and efficiency of AdBlue® by BASF!

In order to avoid shortfalls in quality due to contamination, AdBlue® by BASF is handled only in dedicated storage and filling systems. Additionally, this minimises the inspection efforts. Since AdBlue® by BASF solidifies at -11°C and degrades accelerated at temperatures over 25°C, storage and filling systems must be set up to guarantee a temperature range of 30°C to -11°C.

Shelf Life
At a recommended storage temperature of 25°C, AdBlue® by BASF complies with the DIN 70070 standard for 12 months. If this temperature is exceeded, the period is shortened accordingly. At temperatures below -11°C, AdBlue® by BASF solidifies. However, by heating, it can be re-liquefied and used without shortfalls in quality.

Endangerment of Health and Safety
AdBlue® by BASF is an aqueous solution that poses no particular risk according to the European chemicals legislation. Also, according to the transport law, AdBlue® is not a hazardous substance. If traces of AdBlue® by BASF get on the skin, it is sufficient to rinse it off with clear water. Health impairment arising in this way is barely possible.

Degradability and Disposal
AdBlue® by BASF poses a very low risk to water and soil as it can easily be degraded by microbes.


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