AdBlue® by BASF and CLEARNOX from TOTAL

AdBlue® by BASF

AdBlue® by BASF is produced by BASF SE in Ludwigshafen by synthesis from natural gas. The high-purity 32.5% urea solution complies with ISO standard 22241.

AdBlue® by BASF can be used for all vehicles or technical equipment with diesel engines that have an SCR catalytic converter.

Examples: heavy-duty vehicles, construction machinery, buses, vans, cars, snowcats, tractors, agricultural machinery, boats, generators, industrial heaters, etc.


The product CLEARNOX is produced by TOTAL from a high-purity 32.5% urea solution and complies with ISO standard ISO 22241.

The product CLEARNOX can be used for all vehicles or construction machines with diesel engines equipped with SCR catalytic converter. Due to its formulation, CLEARNOX prevents the formation of crystals at the entrance of the SCR catalyst. These crystals are caused by an exhaust gas temperature that is too low when AdBlue® is injected.

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